Catherine Hicks
User Experience and Product Design Professional


TriNet is a professional employer organization headquartered in San Leandro, California. It provides HR outsourcing services, including payroll, health benefits, and human capital management for small business owners

Role & Project Summary

  • Multiple Rates of Pay - Indidivual changes

  • Making changes to an individual who has or needs to have Multiple Rates of Pay assigned to them
  • Adding multiple rates of pay to a single employee
  • Being able to add multiple rates of pay to a single user's information
  • User can add, edit or remove multiple rates of pay from a single user's profile

Project Constraints

  • The individual user detail page was already designed so there was no work on that part necessary. I worked on where it would make the most sense to add multiple rates of pay, which was pretty clear from the existing page

  • Users should be able to add multiple rates of pay to an existing user in a way thats similar to what they do for a single rate of pay
  • We believe that users need a seamless way to add multiple rates of pay to a single users in the product instead of having to do long workarounds
  • Job specific areas - mainly the detail section


Administrators can successfully add additional pay rates to an individual user and a user can see those changes on their detail screen

There was two pieces to this that needed to happen - the administrator needing to be able to add an additional rate of pay to a single user and that user needed to be able to see all their rates of pay when using the platform

We confirmed with the product owners and the technical team that this was indeed the case before building out the feature

The place where an individual saw their rate of pay was already established in the UI, so making this change was very straight forward