Catherine Hicks
User Experience and Product Design Professional


Rosetta is an agency focused on Customer Engagement. We connect rich data, engaging experiences and robust technologies to create meaningful customer relationships that drive business impact.

Role & Project Summary

  • Helping Rosetta concept ideas for a pitch to Schwab
  • Rosetta needed help to build out an idea for a pitch to Schwab.
  • Pitch will be fully thought out from the user perspective and get Rosetta the work
  • The team had someone focused on usability to make sure the pitch was a strong as it could be.
  • The idea of the square was already well established when I came on the team to help with the UX - so what I had to do in terms of my work was figure out how we could integrate that into what was being asked of by Schwab for this project. As you can see from the sketches, we worked through a few concepts

Project Constraints

  • Enhance the general idea of the pitch by looking at it through a usability lens
  • We believe a polished and user focused pitch will land us the work
  • The concept was this idea of a square that represented different areas of your life that would expand and show details of how Schwab could help you with that. This idea was locked in when I came so I do not know if that came directly from Schwab themselves or was the concept the team came up with to build to for their pitch


  • The assumptions on this project were all made before I came on - the general idea and focus of the pitch was already established. I just came in and helped them polish it from a UX perspective
  • I worked within their assumptions and enhanced their design and overall approach by making sure that their concept they were going to pitch was as solid as it could be from a user experience perspective.
  • Coming into a project that was so far along that if I saw something I didn't like I couldn't really have them go back and change it due to the time constraint
  • I fought only for changes that were problematic from the user experience area. If it was something else, even if it bothered me a lot, I had to let it go
  • Working with a team on an already established, almost completed project doesn't leave a lot of room for true usability work. I would rather be involved earlier in the process than I was here to fully utilize my entire skillset and produce the best work I am able