Catherine Hicks
User Experience and Product Design Professional


PayPal is a leading technology platform company that enables digital and mobile payments on behalf of consumers and merchants worldwide.

Role & Project Summary

  • Assisting team with building example portal of Paypal best practices

  • Assisting the team in building a best practices website
  • Non technical and technical users alike needed examples of code and best practices to integrate into their website.
  • Users are able to understand best practices and get what they need to implement the payment service(s) they need
  • The demo portal already existed when I came on board to the project, however there was room for making the overall usability better for the product. Thats what we focused on - enhancements

Project Constraints

  • We had users who were not technical in nature who wanted to implement PayPal products on their own, do it themselves, websites. We needed to give them a way to understand best practices and how to implement what they needed alongside giving developers (the more technical audiences) the same thing)
  • We believe that users who have the knowledge to implement the payment services they need and understand how they work will be successful in doing so on their own with minimal technical help
  • They needed to understand the best practices, where to download the API information and how to use it

Project Goals:

1. Increase site visits

2. increased download of documentation and other related information 


  • We made sure the demo portal had all the relevant information, using the basis of an e-commerce store to highlight best practices and show samples of how they would look and function
  • How to design something that we could use for future platforms we needed to document
  • The demo store worked perfectly for this issue. We could add different demo stores to address different needs