Catherine Hicks
User Experience and Product Design Professional


Deltek provides enterprise management application software, maintaining a focus on the architecture and engineering, IT services, management consulting, construction, systems integration and government contracting markets.

Role & Project Summary


Shaun Ra is a member of the space who is outside the Apple & Bartlett organization and Space Guest.

Mark Nadig does not belong to the space or the Apple & Bartlett organization but was invited to just this conversation so he is a Conversation Guest.

What potential challenges do you see for the user with this design and how would you recommend they be solved?

Project Constraints

  • Need a way to handle both Conversation guests and space guests within their current platform
  • Users not currently on the platform
  • Current users on the platform that need to communicate with people outside the platform to complete their projects
  • Make sure people clearly understand the difference between a space and
  • conversation guest so that communication expectations are clear throughout
  • Have the ability to Convert a user from Conversation Guest to Space Guest
  • Allowing hot linking to outside information that a space guest can see
  • Have one designation of user – guest – and allow the administrator of the space to
  • designate what they have access to at the time of the account creation


Design Exercise

Initial Screen

Design Exercise

Individual Color Detail

Design Exercise

Edit Palette

Design Exercise

Saved Palette

Design Exercise

Full Palette


  • At this point in my career, I probably would not do a design exercise in order to obtain a job because I have much more experience in the field than I did at this time that speaks to my expertise, but if I did I learned to make sure I had the ability to ask follow up questions and to get clarity before I begin a design exercise for a potential client.

  • Once this was submitted, there was no further contact from the company