Catherine Hicks
User Experience and Product Design Professional

GoTo Media

GoTo Media is a strategic consultancy specializing in research, UX and mobile design. We envision through contextual research; conceptualize and learn through iterative prototyping and testing.

Role & Project Summary


Short term assisting on a project and exploring timeline ideas

  • I came onto this project for one day to have a fresh view in the room when it came to the idea of brainstorming ideas for timeline creation for a client
  • Team would have a few concepts of timelines to assist them with their project

Project Constraints

  1. We really did most of our brainstorming by looking at existing timelines online and figuring out what would and wouldn't work from them to adapt to our concept in our work session
  2. Creative timeline exploration
  3. Let's look at what already exists
  4. To be represented on the timeline: Dates, Photographs, Interactive Media


Time Exploration

Initial Screen

Time Exploration

Individual Color Detail

Time Exploration

Edit Palette

Time Exploration

Saved Palette


  • I have enough information by only being here a few hours to help out to fully understand how to design a good solution to their problem
  • I simply worked off what the team had given me and asked clarifying questions as they came up]
  • One day is not sufficient to come on to a project to really give any meaningful feedback.