Catherine Hicks
User Experience and Product Design Professional


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Role & Project Summary


Facilitating communication on the Hyundai recall of 2014

Hyundai had called a recall on some of their cars and was legally required to get a website up to facilitate all the needed informaiton

Desired Outcomes:

People whose cars were being recalled would have access to all the information they needed on the nature and requirements of the recall

Project Constraints

This project had very tight legal restrictions and most of the needs of this website were dictated by the legal team at Hyundai

Must have all the information required by the legal team to facilitate the information needed by customers on their car's recall

Users need to be fully informed about the recall of their cars so they can make informed decisions on what to do


Hyundai Recall

Initial Screen

Hyundai Recall

Individual Color Detail

Hyundai Recall

Edit Palette

Hyundai Recall

Saved Palette

Hyundai Recall



At the beginning of my design process I created wireframes for testing purposes.

Guiding Questions

  • Why was it useful to do this?
  • What kind of wireframes did you make?
  • Low fidelity or high fidelity?
  • What tool did you use for this?
  • Did you use them for testing?
  • How many iterations did you have?

Hyundai Recall

Full Palette


Working on sites like this are very challenging because they're so important to do right

I was only on this project for a limited time as I went on to a long term contract at another company, I do not know the outcome of my work.