Catherine Hicks
User Experience and Product Design Professional


Edelman Digital is a public relations firm that offers its clients with analysis, advertising, marketing, branding, and content and strategy management services. It is the world’s largest independent public relations firm.

Role & Project Summary


Building out a holiday gift giving experience portal for pitching to Paypal

The team wanted to pitch a high end "Holiday Gift Giving Experience" to their contacts at PayPal for the holiday season. They had begun the talks and had interest, but needed to finalize an approach for the final pitch

Desired outcome: A UX design that could be taken to the designers to finish up to pitch to Paypal

The end users, if launched, would be Paypal users who wanted to give unique gifts during the holiday season

Users would have one place to look for and purchase unique gift items for everyone on their list

Project Constraints

I was given a really free reign on this in the beginning - and originally I went with a very interactive approach. However, the team wanted it simplified to pitch as to not overwhelm them with the potential cost, so we scaled it down to be a more visually appealing vs a visually interactive pitch

  • Must have unique categories (provided by content)
  • Must be a visually stunning design (provided by visual designer)


PayPal Holiday Experience

Initial Screen

PayPal Holiday Experience

Individual Color Detail

PayPal Holiday Experience

Edit Palette

PayPal Holiday Experience

Saved Palette

PayPal Holiday Experience



At the beginning of my design process I created wireframes for testing purposes.

Guiding Questions

  • Why was it useful to do this?
  • What kind of wireframes did you make?
  • Low fidelity or high fidelity?
  • What tool did you use for this?
  • Did you use them for testing?
  • How many iterations did you have?

PayPal Holiday Experience

Full Palette


This was my first time working with a design agency. Before this I had worked primarily with start ups, which are an entirely different beast. I learned how agency life works as a user experience designer, and realized that for the most part, it isn't necessarily for me.

  • The vagueness of the requirements for these projects was hard for me to get my head around after working with dev based teams that had specific needs and I found that for myself as a designer, those projects with constraints are projects I work better with
  • The biggest thing I learned on this project was how to work with vague requirements that are often given when an agency is working on a concept to pitch.
  • I learned what kinds of questions to ask and how to approach design without many requirements which has helped me hugely since this project