Catherine Hicks
User Experience and Product Design Professional


eBay Inc. (NASDAQ: EBAY) is a global commerce leader including the Marketplace, StubHub, and Classifieds platforms. Collectively, we connect millions of buyers and sellers around the world.

Role & Project Summary


Establishing a new and more modern look for the Online customer support portal and working on a multi-national launch

The Online Customer Support Portal (OCS) was outdated in design and functionality. As the greater eBay website was moving towards a new "Web 2.0" style, the portal was one of the first projects that was able to be redesigned

Desired outcome is a clean redesign and enhancement of the current online support portal that could be adapted for different functionalities and preferences and requirements of different countries where eBay hosted a site

Project Constraints

  • Must be adaptable to scale to differing functionality and needs across all eBay global sites, most of which have differing functionality and regulations that need to be addressed.

    Needs a clean, clear design aesthetic to bring site into a more modern look and feel.

    Project Goals:

    For US/UK/DE launch

    Decreased calls to customer service team

    Increased used of self service platforms


Online Customer Service Portal Redesign

Initial Screen

Online Customer Service Portal Redesign

Individual Color Detail

Online Customer Service Portal Redesign

Edit Palette

Online Customer Service Portal Redesign

Saved Palette

Online Customer Service Portal Redesign

Full Palette


  • What was learned:

    1. How to communicate design effectively with cross functional teams in different countries. I worked with teams in 3 countries and 5 time zones. I had to get focused and clear in how I communicated design

    2. How to design for multiple needs that were hugely varied in a way that made designs consistent and easy to use in all instances

    The pushback we got on the design of the platform in the beginning was very surprising. We were not "on brand" (which was changing as we were working on the project) and got a lot of pushback from the design team because of that - however we knew we were not on brand and were using the "non essential" website to push branding in a new direction, so dealing with conflicting feedback - from design and from product - was really surprising and challenging - but something I was proud we could overcome and get in alignment on in the end

    The product successfully launched after I left, and remnants can still be seen on the current eBay customer support site